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Nearly 1000, short-term Vancouver rental listings removed since April CTV News.
Holm says the city is anecdotally seeing that some short-term rentals are being converted to long-term rentals. The city says there are 4589, active short-term rental listings in Vancouver with 3161, licences issued. Disobeying the citys licensing rules is subject to a 1000, ticket per offence.
Appeal stalls Torontos short-term rental rules for at least a year The Star.
City council approved the restrictions, including a ban on nightly rentals of self-contained basement apartments and otherwise vacant condos, last December. They were set to go into effect at the beginning of June, until three short-term rental operators appealed the bylaw change to the tribunals predecessor, the Ontario Municipal Board.
Temporary and summer housing Student Life.
Although the University reviews all information posted, the University assumes no responsibility in regard to any agreement made with a landlord or any arrangements made by students sharing accommodations. While all places on the temporary accommodation list are visited by a staff member, the employees at Student Housing are not trained or certified building inspectors and review only for general suitability.
B.C. cities want mandated business licences for short-term rentals Surrey Now-Leader.
Mayor @Josie_Osborne talks about how @TofinoCA has handled short-term rentals. It costs up to 750/year for a short-term rental so they can fund a staff member to check it and there are about 230 short-term rentals in Tofino https// @BlackPressMedia @UBCM bcpoli
Short Term Accommodation Rental.
Trade Shows / Events. Resources / Guidelines. Short Term Accommodation Rental. Short Term Accommodation Rentals. TICO has seen an increase in businesses engaging in offering short-term accommodation rental properties to consumers that are owned by third parties ex. cottages, condo apartments and homes.
Report an issue with a short-term rental City of Vancouver. chat. phone-square. guides. Careers. search. Quote top. Quote bottom.
Waste disposal and recycling. Report an issue with a short-term rental. We're' actively working to ensure all operators are in compliance with our regulations. We inform operators of the regulations, and if neglected may issue fines or take legal action.
Airbnb Short term rentals insurance APRIL Canada.
Although Airbnb and more generally short term rentals have recently become popular among property owners, few people measure the actual risks involved. In order to ensure proper coverage, each risk must be individually assessed on its own merits and exposures. APRIL Canada can help with its new tailor-made rental solution. Property owners who rent out part or all of their home. Airbnb and HomeAway hosts qualify, as well as home exchange. 100% short-term rental occupancy.
City of Kawartha Lakes wants public input on short term rentals.
Airbnb: Short-term rentals, short-term thinking Canadian Dimension.
Across the Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver regions, 81000, Airbnb listings have been active at some point in the last year, and 51000, in May 2017. Montréal had the largest number for most of the year, but Toronto is now taking first place. These listings are heavily concentrated in the central cities of the three CMAs, and they are growing rapidly; the three cities have experienced a 50 per cent yearover year increase. A majority of listings in all three cities are entire homes rather than private rooms. The rich are getting richer. Listing ones home on a short-term rental service relies on material privilege: while tenants can sometimes put their apartments on Airbnb without their landlord noticing, in many jurisdictions they risk eviction if they are discovered. Only property owners can reliably take advantage of the money-making opportunities of home sharing, and of course landlords with more and higher-end properties have more money-making opportunities.

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